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Comera Movement Science champions education in, and application of evidence-based principles, frameworks, and technology for movement assessment and retraining to attain and maintain quality of life.


CMS Online takes the movement science approach at the heart of CMS and applies it in a digital space. Built on the foundation of 25 years of research and practice, and our internationally recognised movement management framework, CMS Online offers solutions to online consultation and education in movement assessment and retraining.


The content, technology, and tools not only focus on digital delivery; they are also delivered entirely online, supporting practitioners and their clients wherever they’re located in the world. Additionally, CMS Online will be available in multiple languages.


CMS Online takes the 25 years of research and clinical experience that Comera Movement Science is built on and applies it to the digital space. It gives Movement Professionals the tools to more effectively apply movement science principles to their practice, wherever they are in the world.


Whether your goal is to manage pain and recurrence, increase your client’s performance or simply promote movement health for wellbeing, CMS Online will teach you skills that will help you to assess movement patterns and respond effectively.


Our solutions are informed by a large body of scientific research in biomechanics and neuroscience as well as hands on experience of working with clients. The result is an approach that is trusted by Movement Professionals across the world, from Japan to Argentina.”

"CMS Online takes the 25 years of research and clinical experience that Comera Movement Science is built on and applies it to the digital space."



In response to the current situation we are supplying solutions for therapists working online. We focus on developing your skills to assess and retrain movement in the digital space. We offer solutions for movement- based assessment and retraining to manage pain and recurrence, performance and risk and restore and maintain quality lifestyle and activities. CMS Online includes:

Supporting clinicians, therapists and coaches deliver virtual consultations through applying a framework of movement assessment and retraining. 

Our Kinetic Control Online solutions are streamlined versions of our existing KC products, designed for online delivery

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TPM Pro is a tool to help you assess clients' movement and build a bespoke retraining plan. We will be rolling out additional tools to help you use TPM Pro in an online context


We're offering an online delivery pathway for Movement Science Practitioner, our series for movement professionals in performance, health, fitness and wellbeing.

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