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This new solution from Comera Movement Science applies our 25 years of practice and research in movement science to the online delivery space. CMS Online not only focuses on digital delivery; it is also delivered entirely online. It is therefore available to practitioners wherever they’re located. CMS Online will also be available in multiple languages. First to be launched is Movement Education for Telehealth, Fitness & Wellness


In response to the current situation we are supplying solutions for therapists working online. We focus on developing your skills to assess and retrain movement in the digital space. We offer solutions for movement- based assessment and retraining to manage pain and recurrence, performance and risk and restore and maintain quality lifestyle and activities.



The current global situation has reduced practitioners’ opportunities for face-to-face contact with clients but not the need of clients for robust, evidence-based support for their movement health. CMS Online combines best practice in movement science and online training and delivery to help practitioners to support clients’ needs remotely.


Movement Education for Telehealth, Fitness and Wellness gives practitioners a toolkit for using the digital space to assess patients' movement based on their presentation and deliver interventions which change clinical outcomes. This means that they can support clients wherever they are in the world and even if a face-to-face session is not possible.

Sarah Mottram introduces Movement Education for Telehealth, Fitness and Wellness in this video. Sarah is passionate about movement health and the value of movement on quality of life. For more information, get in touch using the link in the banner above.

This programme of education includes online presentations and interactive webinars in a range of languages. It provides the toolkit and knowledge practitioners need to deliver effective and progressive rehab using a structured movement management model. Movement Education for Telehealth, Fitness and Wellness provides immediate tools and a structured process that will support practitioners when delivering online sessions, whether their goal is to mitigate pain and recurrence, manage performance and risk or improve lifestyle and activities.


Movement Education For Telehealth, Fitness and Wellness covers the following:

  1. Strategies of movement assessment and retraining immediately applicable for online practice 

  2. Tools for connecting education, clinicians, and patients in the digital space through movement

  3. Long-lasting skills, that will enhance our business

  4. Principles of exercise design to redefine any exercise catalogue


Movement Education for Telehealth is just a small part of CMS Online. We will continue to update this page with more details as we launch additional offerings. For the latest updates, don't forget to sign up to our newsletter.