‘Kinetic Control’s clinical reasoning process and systematic approach to the management of movement is fascinating for the clinician. Kinetic Control course give me the chance to share this process and my passion for movement.’


As a physiotherapist in private practice in Taiwan, Shirley enjoys managing her clients with the concepts and skills of Kinetic Control, allowing her to deal with a wide range of musculoskeletal problems from post-acute care, chronic issues and those linked to sports performance. Simply put, Kinetic Controls approach enables her to help her clients to restore the health of their movement, enhancing quality of life, whilst impacting recurrence and overcoming activity restrictions and participation limitations.


Following undergraduate study at the National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan, Shirley completed the MSc programme in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy in National Taiwan University, Taiwan, adding to her skills as a Pilates instructor, and suspension system for rehabilitation practitioner. Shirley’s expertise in movement sees her offer physical therapy support for the Chinese-Taipei national roller-skating team, adding an elite sport element to her private practice experience. Her passion for movement also fills her spare time, enjoying distance running (Marathons) and the focused precision of Pilates.


Shirley says:

‘I feel there’s no possibility that movement quality can be neglected in any of the areas in my own training or my professional discipline whether that’s rehabilitation or professional sport. Kinetic Control has opened my mind on movement assessment, giving me the tools to help my clients.’


Excited about her role as a Kinetic Control team member, Shirley is taking her insight on applying Kinetic Control’s movement science with her clients in Taiwan, to help other physios in Asia to see, apply, and benefit from the power of movement.



冠帆老師在接觸 Kinetic Control 後便深受到其系統完整架構的診斷邏輯思考吸引。她以 Kinetic Control 的概念在台灣的診所治療不同骨骼肌肉類型問題的個案,個案的類型包含骨科術後治療和慢性疼痛治療。Kinetic Control的概念讓她夠協助個案尋回健康和良好的生活品質,同時也可以預防傷害復發。


取得國立陽明大學物理治療暨輔助科技學士和國立台灣大學物理治療所骨科物理治療碩士學位後,冠帆曾經擔任中華台北滑輪溜冰國家代表隊隨隊物理治療師與協助世界大學運動會的場邊防護物理治療師。她擁有 STOTT PILATES ® 和 Redcord®Neurac®1&2 的國際認證。冠帆老師熱愛馬拉松和皮拉提斯等運動。從自己的經驗、復健到專項運動,她深刻體認到動作品質對人本身的重要性。


「我認爲無論是復健領域和專業運動訓練,動作控制扮演非常重要的其中一個角色,而 Kinetic Control 提供了開放且完整的評估架構讓我能夠幫助更多人。」冠帆老師說著,她也對於成為CMS的一份子感到開心,持續學習動作科學並且期待能將動作健康的重要性發展得更深遠。

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