‘Since joining Kinetic Control, I’ve finally found the missing piece of the puzzle to achieving optimal outcomes for my clients. It’s great to share this insight through my teaching’


Throughout her 20+ years of experience, Heba has fulfilled many roles across the profession of Physiotherapy and is currently a senior specialist Physical Therapist in Kuwait.

She is an expert in the field of Women’s Health particularly in the assessment and management of presentations related to Pelvic Floor Dysfunction.


Currently living in Kuwait, she describes herself as, ‘passionate about her teaching’ which in addition to Kinetic Control, includes roles as a clinical instructor for physical therapy students and as a clinical supervisor for physical therapist trainees. She also raises both professional and public awareness of the importance of movement for the management of musculoskeletal disorders. This has seen her present lectures and conduct several internal and external training programs considering management of the lumbopelvic region.


Her favourite message to share is the knowledge of the need to consider the body as an integrated movement system. The understanding thereof is imperative to progressing physio-therapeutic management of musculoskeletal disorders.


Kinetic Control offers Heba a chance to share her passion.

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