'I can do all the manual treatment in the world, and do it well, but unless I can teach my patients how to move properly, we will never reach our goal.’

In 2006 Joachim discovered Kinetic Control and fell for its structured system of movement assessment and retraining combined within a robust clinical reasoning framework.

He´s closing in on 25 years as a physio now and has worked with professional athletes in both soccer and hockey in addition to desk-based office workers. He completed a tour to Kosovo as a physiotherapist for the Military and UN-soldiers.

'I come from a Manual Therapy background but for every year that goes by I tend to emphasize movement more and more to my patients. Not just that they do move, but also how.’

In addition to teaching Kinetic Control, Joachim is also an accredited TPM Consultant delivering The Performance Matrix (TPM) training and education, both in Sweden and abroad.

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