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Kinetic Control is a clinical solution that helps therapists’ reason through their patient presentations, using their existing skill set and movement-based skill set to manage pain, recurrence of pain and improve function and performance.

Spinal, hip, knee and shoulder pain are leading causes of years lived with disability.  This has a huge social-economic cost and interventions to date are not tackling this global problem. Emerging research is demonstrating the benefit of education and exercise in providing long term benefit for people with musculoskeletal problems.

At Kinetic Control, we believe in the power of movement assessment and retraining to empower each and every individual to achieve the best quality of life for a lifetime of activity, performance and participation. 

With 25 years of experience of putting science into practice, our framework gives clinicians and therapists the expertise to develop robust movement systems. We have a passion for teaching the world’s best movement specialists to empower everyone to optimise movement patterns for each and every individual to be the best they can. 

The way we move is affected by many factors. These include pain, injury, fatigue and restrictions which are inherent in life, aging and in sport and occupational demands. We have developed a unique model of movement management to find long-term solutions to these everyday challenges.

Kinetic Control is dedicated to improving movement efficiency and as pioneers in Movement Health, we are committed to helping everyone move better, enjoy life and participate in activities they love for longer.  Our movement evaluation and retraining blends functional biomechanics and neuroscience research for the best current practice.



  • Our strength is working through a clinical reasoning framework to help therapists put movement into their practice

  • Kinetic Control presents a movement solution for managing recurrence

  • Kinetic Control explores co-ordination strategies and muscle synergies in both assessment and retraining to prioritise and deliver specific retraining 

  • Kinetic Control integrates exercise and movement retraining with other clinical tools such as manual therapy joint mob – soft tissue, neuro dynamic tech and high-quality pain education

  • Kinetic Control presents a balance between evidence-based practice and clinical observation and evaluation of patients’ goals and outcomes 





Undertaking Kinetic Control training will enhance both assessment and therapeutic skills; enhancing the long-term physical health and wellbeing of clients & patients.

At the center of Kinetic Control’s philosophy is a more patient-centered, collaborative approach. By questioning ‘why’ movement impairment occurs, we are making the clinical process more inclusive and client focused.


By implementing the theoretical and practical elements of knowledge the therapists will attain the best results possible. From the very outset, they can feel confident that Kinetic Control’s proven methodology is supported two and a half decades of experience and ongoing evolution. 

In this time Kinetic Control’s clinical reasoning framework has had significant impact on how Movement Health is perceived and the way in which professionals meet the needs of patients. The system provides a coherent rationale into the pivotal relationship between movement impairment and recurring pain. 

From the outset, this innovative solution has continued to develop, reflecting current research and evidence-based clinical practice. Ongoing findings are shared between a global network of qualified practitioners to benefit everyone within the Kinetic Control community and beyond.



Access Kinetic Control’s clinical framework and clinical reasoning processes to empowers clinicians to manage patients effectively with movement & exercise.

Our modular system of courses and flagship education route The Movement Solution develops clinical expertise in improving movement efficiency in patients and clients.

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