An experienced educator, clinician and academic, Mahmoud identifies ‘understanding movement as the game changer in my career’. Through Kinetic Control, he is helping more therapists harness the power of their patients’ movement’  

Kinetic Control tutor, Mahmoud is a physiotherapy academic and clinician based in Sheffield UK. This mix of science and practice gives Mahmoud the chance to comment on the current clinical climate. He states, ‘exercise prescription has become confusing due to the lack of standardized approach for selection/prescription; adopting the Kinetic Control system has definitely made it simple to prescribe exercises that are based on reliable clinical testing. It guides the treatment in a logical manner and provides the clinician and the patient with reliable prognostic tools. Understanding how the human body moves was a game changer in my career; it has added to my management toolbox, to be more specific it gave the other tools in the box a long-lasting effect. 

Mahmoud qualified from Cairo University in 1999 and worked clinically and academically before moving to the UK in 2004 to start his academic role at Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) as a senior physiotherapy lecturer. He has a post-graduate certificate in teaching and learning in Higher education -UK, master in Musculoskeletal physiotherapy from SHU, Diploma in manual therapy (leading to MACP recognition) and currently persuading a Ph.D. degree in MSK Physiotherapy at SHU-UK. He taught at the undergraduate and postgraduate courses, supervised many master dissertations in the field of musculoskeletal physiotherapy and led the musculoskeletal module within the advanced master program at SHU.

In 2006, Mahmoud established PrimePhysio, which in addition to building his teaching expertise has helped develop the physiotherapy profession in the Middle East and Africa through continuous education. His teaching experiences is extensive, having taught many musculoskeletal physiotherapy courses and workshops in the UK, Malta, Kuwait, UAE, KSA, Oman, Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, Sudan, and Qatar.  Currently, Mahmoud is splitting his time between his role as an associate senior lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University UK, Teaching Orthopaedic Manual Therapy worldwide average of 30 courses a year, managing a caseload of MSK and sports conditions in his own clinic, occasionally managing caseload of complex cases within National Health Service NHS. 

Mahmoud, highlighting the value of the Kinetic Control approach identifies, ‘within the musculoskeletal field, many concepts exist and they all claim to be effective, however, no single concept seems to be superior to the others, except the use of movement.’ The Kinetic Control route of education delivers this within a structured clinical reasoning framework.  

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