Addressing movement impairments at an early stage of their development can make big differences in performance and control, both on and off the field


​Michal is a Polish Physiotherapist and Sports Rehabilitator who has been trained both in Poland and Spain. After obtaining his Masters degree, he led the injury rehabilitation and physiotherapy unit of the South African America’s Cup National Yachting Team between 2004-2007 in Valencia, Spain.

Michal finished his doctorate studies and successfully defended his European Ph.D. thesis in 2010, “Applied Sciences in Sport” in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Valencia in Spain. During his doctorate studies, he was able to accomplish several scientific journal publications and many conference presentations.

Michal runs the clinical physiotherapy center in Rzeszow (Poland) “Fizjo-Sport Centrum Fizjoterapii” where he works with Orthopaedic patients and athletes with his physio team.

His special interests are in applying movement science to assessment, performance, conditioning, and retraining of movement and movement impairments.

Michal speaks fluent Spanish and Polish, frequently teaching Kinetic Control in both languages.

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