Our Performance Pathway will provide performance focused professionals with the skills and tools they need to look after the movement health of their clients. Our tools can help you to troubleshoot issues, identify areas for improvement and safeguard against injury





Our solutions on the performance pathway are powered by The Performance Matrix (TPM). TPM is a comprehensive movement assessment and retraining tool built on 25 years of research and clinical practice.

We offer three different varieties of TPM, each tailored towards a different type of user. We appreciate that each user is unique and each TPM product comes with an extensive exercise catalogue and a variety of optional add-ons. Find our more about how TPM works here.

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TPM Express is a great solution for clinicians looking for a simple, easy to use movement performance screening tool for clinics. The 8 testing batteries each cover a different type of movement impairment to help you target your treatment. TPM Express includes:

  • 8 screens with nearly 40 tests

  • eLearning to help you use TPM

To get TPM Express, click here.

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TPM Pro is our most popular movement performance screening tool for clinics. It provides a more in, depth screening toolkit than TPM Express, with additional and more in-depth testing options. TPM Pro includes.

  • 11 screens with over 110 tests

  • eLearning to help you use TPM

  • Our comprehensive exercise catalogue

You can get TPM Pro here.



TPM Elite is a solution developed specifically for use in high performance sport. This solution provides bespoke support to help athletes and sports teams prevent injury and increase performance. TPM Elite includes:

  • Bespoke consultancy from our team

  • Education and support with technology

  • Delivery of testing and retraining from CMS

To get TPM Elite, click here.



Our digital campus  provides a wide variety of e-learning that you can use to  supplement our in-person and tutor led courses. 


Many of our users find this a more accessible and affordable way to access our education. Research has also shown that it can increase retention when used as part of a blended learning approach. On this page, you can find a variety of  e-learning products to suit different audiences.