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An A To Z Of G.O.L.F

A colleague employed the Golf Matrix analysis process with an avid but amateur golfer. Post testing and post retraining the golfer’s wife called my colleague:

"What have you done to my husband? … And his golf?"

This golfer had been to numerous coaching sessions and over a period of time his performance had improved but then plateaued. It seemed some things just seemed a little too hard to coach out and golf was an enjoyable game but no longer a progressive one. Post testing and retraining something fundamental had changed. His skills that were previously stuck in a rut were different, his playing was better, his performance improved.

About The Golf Matrix

The golf matrix reveals the movements the golfer can no longer perform, highlighting their movement blindsides. If we imagine movement as a language this testing procedure finds the letters we can no longer write or even the words we find hard to say; some of which are the building blocks of golf. The deficits revealed are not ones of technique but ones of control. This may explain why coaching could only take this player so far. Once these ‘letters’ were restored to the golfer’s alphabet coaching could again prove effective.

But, what about the wife? Also a keen and competitive golfer, she wanted to know his secret!


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