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16th February 2017

Supporting the release of the Kinetic Control Online Testing & Retraining Catalogue we remind you about some other educational favourites, which are also just a click away, the online Webinars with Mark Comerford

Mark Comerford’s clinical experience and expertise are made readily available through these webinars which include in-depth appraisal of:

Psoas Major

Transversus Abdominus



Mark challenges a lot of accepted thinking, stating:

"Psoas is not an effective hip flexor, but instead produces posterior tilt of the pelvis and is typically not ‘short’."

He answers the questions:

"What changes occur in TrA when pathology is present? Is TrA ‘off’ in the presence of pain? Is there any weakness in this muscle? How can we retrain TrA? With non-functional or functional exercises? Is there any benefit to ‘pre-setting’ or holding TrA in functional tasks?"

He states the functions of trapezius listed in most anatomy text books are over 25 years out of date.

He identifies upper trapezius cannot elevate the scapula above neutral, and is typically excessively elongated, needing shortening not lengthening. Lower trapezius does not pull the inferior angle of the scapula down and in, but laterally as it upwardly rotates the scapula.

He identifies how the hamstring injury risk and subsequent management combines needs to consider movement control alongside restrictions, trigger points and neuro-dynamic elements.