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Kinetic Control Online And The New Normal Of Physiotherapy

We talk to our South African tutor Beate Stindt about how she has used Kinetic Control Online to meet the challenges of 2020 head on and adapt to the new normal of remote tuition:

So, 2020 was supposed to be the year that Kinetic Control took South Africa by storm. Instead, that accolade was given to the now infamous Coronavirus. Life, as we knew it, has changed. Change is never comfortable.

I moved back to my home country of South Africa in December 2018 with a few aims. One of those was to spend more time with my family and my legendary nephew, but the other was to share what Comera Movement Science has to offer in terms of post-graduate education with my fellow health practitioners.

My Background In Physiotherapy

After compIeting my BSc in Physiotherapy (Hons) at the University of Stellenbosch and 5 years in public and private practice, I moved to the UK in 2014 in search of answers as to the relevance and future of physiotherapy. I was incredibly blessed to be able to attend the Movement Solution One course hosted by Sarah Mottram and Mark Comerford in 2017. My clinical practice changed for the better and I discovered a love of sharing knowledge to promote my profession by being a tutor for Kinetic Control and Comera Movement Science.

Kinetic Control: Empowering Therapists To Transform Lives

Often when pondering the purpose of Physiotherapy, I am taken back to the mission statement of the American Physical Therapy Association in 2013; “Transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience”. What an incredible role we have in the lives of our fellow people. Closer to home, the South African Society of Physiotherapy states on their website that “Physiotherapy improves your physical condition by restoring normal body functions and prevents disability that may arise from disease, trauma or injury.”

If we unpack this statement, to restore normal functions, we first need to know what functions are no longer in working order. Kinetic Control offers the clinician a unique framework from which to assess the individual, identify any lost movement choices as well as the ability to devise an individualized retraining and management plan to restore normal function but also to prevent further dysfunction by addressing the underlying mechanism and not just treating symptoms.

2020 And The Move To Online

Whilst my plan to travel throughout South Africa sharing this internationally acclaimed post-graduate education system with Physiotherapists and Biokineticists did not quite happen, the dreaded pandemic did offer us (the Comera Movement Science team) the opportunity to review and tailor our education system for online delivery. I was able to host 4 online courses during the 2020 season.

Online courses allow for easy interaction with Physiotherapists and Biokineticists worldwide. This is exciting both to the tutor and the course participants as we are all able to share experiences and learn from each other. As we work with a limited number of participants there is sufficient time and engagement with the course content. This ensures that, by the end of a module, participants feel comfortable taking their new skills and knowledge directly into clinical practice.

Feedback from participants has been most encouraging with a recurring comment being that the online format has been more engaging than initially thought. The online availability also reduces extra costs, for example, travel and accommodation, as well as less time off from one’s clinical practices. A win-win!

With the norms of society now calling for physical distancing and lockdowns in varying degrees in different parts of the world, we cannot and should not rely purely on our manual therapy skills. Kinetic Control offers the clinician the skills required to help our clients move better, feel better and do more.

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