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16th September 2015

Designed to provide a simple, structured approach to allowing you to maintain your health, lifestyle and achieve your activity goals, TPM Active uses an innovative online platform originally designed for elite sportspeople. It has helped many professional athletes to look after their movement so that they can get on with moving well.

But, I’m not exactly an athlete…is this for me?

Everyone deserves to live an active life – where movement limitations don’t restrict your enjoyment. TPM Active’s unique approach can improve your overall wellbeing, as well as, increase your ability to do the activities that you love and even do them better than before.

Whatever life stage you’re at and whatever is important to you TPM Active supplies a route to do more of the things you value. It gives you more choices in how you spend your day, whether that’s time in the garden, time with the kids, or knocking time of your personal bests, it takes care of your movement health.

I know about health, but what’s this ‘movement health’?

TPM Active looks after your movement so that your movement can you healthy. Movement health is all about having lots of choices in how you stay healthy, and doing the activities that make you happy. Your movement health is key to the lifestyle choices you make and we want you to continue taking part in the activities you love… for as long as possible, without pain, without limits.

Is this only for health, then? What about fitness?

If you devote time to competitive sports or any physically challenging pursuit then your ability to perform at your best will be a primary concern. TPM Active offers the opportunity to access a world class movement analysis and retraining platform, initially developed for elite sports teams and athletes. It is currently used by massive names within pro sport as a way to keep off the physio table but also to improve both training and recovery.

TPM Active will revolutionise your own training offering an incredibly specific, structured approach, focusing entirely on your personal objectives both in the short and long term…it sometimes produce some truly remarkable results – see Tri Blog.

OK- I’m interested- now you mention it… I’m not injured but something’s not quite right… The big race is coming and there is no way I can get injured

TPM Active excels at finding and fixing the ‘not quite right’ before it becomes injury. Also, the injury that keeps coming back is another thing TPM Active targets at its root and weeds out. These are two great reasons professional athletes love what TPM Active can do.

So, what do I need to do?

Achieve optimum fitness… maintain it… improve it: How TPM Active works

This dynamic movement health solution encompasses the following elements:

· FIND: An online screen assesses you performing a series of specific movement test to identify the impairments responsible for injury risk

· ANALYSE: The software assesses your performance and generates a bespoke TPM Active Report with your score, including an in depth analysis of your results


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