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The way we move is affected by many factors; including pain, injury, fatigue and restrictions which are inherent in life, aging, sport and occupational demand.


We, at Comera Movement Science, have developed a unique model of movement assessment and retraining to find long-term solutions to these everyday challenges.

With over 25 years of experience of putting science into practice, our framework gives clinicians and coaches the expertise to develop robust movement systems.


We have a passion for teaching the world’s best movement specialists to empower everyone to move the best they can.


You can see our different systems below.




Our on-going skills development is for all interested in movement and physiotherapy assessment: for therapy, rehabilitation, health promotion, injury prevention or risk reduction programmes. Whatever the clinicians’ current role, our comprehensive education programme provides professional development and an in-depth understanding of movement assessment and retraining. Flexible options are available. Modular shorter courses or the longer ‘The Movement Solution’. It’s a mix of theoretical and practical study, building on current qualifications to help advance the practitioner.


The Performance Matrix (TPM) is dedicated to improving movement efficiency. As pioneers in ‘Movement Health', we are committed to helping clients, patients and athletes to move better, enjoy life and participate in activities that they love, for longer. TPM supplies the world’s most insightful, research-backed movement assessment technology platform and education system, allowing you to perform online movement assessments and personalised retraining plans tailored for your clients. TPM empowers clients to understand the health of their movement and the chance to realise potential.