Ariel Seng

"Movement is the most essential element, from examination, to treatment, and prevention. Kinetic Control supplies many answers to many clinical questions"

Ariel Seng

CMS Team Member

Ariel says,

‘I always believe that changing movement is the key solution to addressing pain and injury. What’s more, changing movement empowers the patient, as they take control of their movement system.’

Since graduating from the National Yang-Ming University with a bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy and Assistive Technology, Ariel has provided physiotherapy to gym clients, delivering assessments prior to them taking on exercise regimes. This role sits alongside here additional work in private practice and GYROKINESIS® class teaching. Her commitment to movement extends just her professional work. During 8 years of street dance practice, Ariel has improved ability not only the sense of her own body movement but also her ability to observe others. Ariel says,

I meet lots of talented dancers and choreographers. It brings me the chance to observe various movement patterns. I realize that great movement choices lead to better movement. Once you’ve lost ‘choice in movement’, even the most able dancer can run into problems’.

Ariel is aware that physiotherapists stand on the front line of managing sports injury, a point that is increasingly relevant with the ongoing uptake of physical activity and a move away from sedentary lifestyles. Ariel believes that valuing the health of movement is key to supporting clients achieve enhanced quality of life and she is passionate about sharing this message through Kinetic Control to all therapists and movement professionals.