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Daði Kristleiffson

CMS Team Member

Icelandic physiotherapist, Daði Kristleiffson believes in the power of movement. He believes that movement gives patients the tool to help them increase their quality of life. Being able to treat patients with movement and teaching other physios to do the same is something that Daði truly values and he believes that Kinetic Control gives you a systematic framework to assess patients and retrain, with results that last long-term.

Daði’s interest in Physical Therapy started at the age of 15 when he needed treatment to be able to play sports again. He returned to sport with a new determination: wanting to learn to help other people with their problems. Whilst still studying at the University of Iceland, he was introduced to Kinetic Control and saw its potential to help through movement. Since 2012 he has been working in a private practice and working with a range of patients, from Crossfitters to runners, from the elderly to classic desk workers with their back or neck issues. Once he began using Kinetic Control he saw his results improve, as patients got better outcomes, quicker.

He says,

‘Assessing and retraining my patients was the key to their success. I still use all of my skills as a clinician, but systematic assessment and retraining has made the difference to my practice. My passion lies within movement and being able to help others develop that clinical skills. Kinetic Control gave me that clarification and understanding of why we move the way we move and how we can improve that. I want to give back that to other clinicians and help others treat patients for long term effects not only focusing on taking pain away.’

"When I meet my patients, I try to tell them I can’t ‘fix’ them… but I can give them more choices to move. Kinetic Control identifies both the choices lost and the ways to restore them. I get to share this with other clinicians through the Education in Movement that is Kinetic Control"