Denise Frost

"The training has made me a more efficient practitioner and has provided an exercise framework that allows for unquestionable success,- it has inspired a passion to help change how the world moves!"

Denise Frost

CMS Team Member

Denise is also a certified Pilates & GYROTONIC TM instructor. She founded Coordination Dynamics in 2007 to deliver movement education and training to promote and accelerate skill acquisition, assisting clients reach performance goals while minimizing injury. Coordination Dynamics caters to the amateur & elite, high school to senior master competitor as well as those individuals merely seeking to move pain-free with more ease, grace and confidence. She provides consulting services to business, educational and fitness organizations.

Denise continues to manage Spaulding Outpatient Center in Brighton, MA. USA. She remains a treating clinician and works regularly with crew teams along the Charles River. She has a love of the outdoors and sports such sculling, skate skiing and golf.

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