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Suzanne Tang

CMS Team Member

If you asked Suzanne to describe her work in one sentence, she would say,
”I help people to learn how to move ‘better’, so that they can do whatever they want, for life; I teach fellow movement professionals KC, TPM, and MSP courses so they can do this too.' Working as a physiotherapist in private practice, Suzanne is also a accomplished “movement trainer”, qualified as both a Pilates and GYROKINESIS® instructor, and a highly experienced educator, as both a Kinetic Control and TPM (The Performance Matrix) tutor.

Suzanne's clients are people with a range of very different goals; those with acute pain presentations, often seeking a solution to restore pain-free function, to dancers/athletes looking to enhance performance. They are also diverse in age range, including the very young, the elderly and everyone in between. One goal they are share is to “move better, feel better and perform better.” Trained in ballet and Chinese folk dance for more than 15 years, allowed Suzanne to develop what she describes as ‘a special sense’ of movement. Therefore, even before beginning her formal physiotherapy education, Suzanne feels that her dance experience helped her to be aware that the essentials of both ‘remarkable performance’ and injury avoidance, lay in the ‘efficient’ use of ‘muscles and movement patterns’.

Through graduating as a physiotherapist from National Yang-Ming University in Taiwan, Suzanne gained further insight into neuro-musculoskeletal health as a whole. She recognized injury risk reduction, performance enhancement, and long-term quality of life as being closely connected to the state of ‘health’ of an individual’s movement system.

When first exposed to KC and its principles, Suzanne explains, ‘a lot of questions in my mind were clarified. Every individual moves ‘differently’, there is not a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way. In fact, there’s nothing ‘wrong’ unless it’s out of control. The key is control.

Kinetic Control is not only just about a technique, but a concept, a whole thinking process. Being familiar with this logical thinking process helped her integrate all the knowledge and technique she had learned from the post graduated education course, including manual therapy and movement therapy course, into her clinical practice, training programs for dancers, Pilates and GYROKINESIS® teaching. All of her clients made significant progress with the new treating, teaching and training program.

Suzanne believes that Kinetic Control Course enables therapists to have a further understanding of movements, and to know how to evaluate and implement retraining strategies in a more effective and efficient way; moreover, to assist clients move better, feel better and do more.

With respect to TPM Suzanne believes this system enables “movement professionals” to possess a more in depth understanding of movement, and how to influence it for sustained injury risk reduction, performance enhancement, and improved quality of life. Simply put, TPM helps her clients move better, feel better and perform better, and she wants to share this tool with the world.

Teaching KC & TPM has allowed her to deliver and share not only a systemised, efficient tool but also a set of principles that allow the ‘health of movement’ to be assessed, analysed and enhanced for the long-term.

Suzanne integrates medical and physio knowledge with her own movement experience (dancing, Pilates, GYROKINESIS®….etc.) to assist people to move in a safe, healthy and efficient way so that people can have a better quality of life and achieve better performance.

In 2019, Suzanne founded the OPTimal COntrol Wellness Centre, mainly focuses on promoting ‘the health of movement (Movement Health) for the general public, physiotherapists and all movement professions/practitioners.
Outlining the overarching goal of the centre, Suzanne states, “OPTimal COntrol Wellness Centre is helping people regain optimal control and optimal choices in their life, helping people move better, feel better and perform better. We empower clients, therapists and trainers with movement!”

"Being a member of the Comera Movement Science family is really a blessing. Our professional teaching teams are formed by the best therapists and movement professions all around the world. In regular online meetings and annual internal training projects, we discuss teaching methods, clinical experiences, latest researches and scientific evidence, which enormously helps our professional development. We are not on our own, by supporting each other, we are growing in an amazing way both in teaching and clinical practice."