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As digital consultations become part of the 'new normal', clinicians are searching for solutions for online delivery. Our new telehealth series can help you adapt to this trend with a structured framework to help you deliver movement assessments online and design movement programmes for patient focused outcomes.


Remote consultations present with plenty of challenges and this series gives you an evidence-based structure to deliver targeted interventions. These skills are easily transferable to the clinic/practice.


Using elearning and small group interactive webinars, we'll take you through a structured client focused movement assessment and retraining process.


We provide the toolkit and knowledge to need to deliver effective and progressive rehab using using our Movement Fundamentals Framework. This course can help you to realise patients' goals, whether that means managing movement-based pain, increasing performance or improving lifestyle and activities.

The Core Module for this course costs £200. This includes 8 elearning units and a 2 hour virtual workshop with up to 8 delegates. If you're looking to take your learning further, we also offer additional modules which take a closer look at specialist synergist interactions around the body.

In this video, Lincoln Blandford and Sarah Mottram discuss the course and how it can benefit practitioners.


This course will give you a detailed insight into delivering movement- based telehealth services. You'll learn how to use movement retraining and education to empower clients to manage pain and recurrence, improve performance, manage risk and maintain and improve quality of life.

Patients and clients are increasingly seeking out virtual consultations and these skills will help your practice to increase short term resilience and long- term growth.

The Core Module includes 8 online learning units and a two-hour virtual workshop exploring the muscle synergies of the trunk. The online learning units will focus on movement, muscle synergies and factors affecting these. You'll learn about The Movement Fundamentals Framework and how to put it into practice.


The workshop, led by a CMS accredited tutor, will take you through the Movement Fundamental model and apply it to the synergies of the low back. Each step of the Movement Fundamental management framework will be covered, with practical application, which will enhance your skill of managing muscle synergy efficiency. The workshop will also offer you a chance to explore, apply and get real time feedback on changing movement patterns.

This module will teach you:

  1. Strategies of movement assessment and retraining applicable for online practice or face to face

  2. Tools for connecting patients goals to movement patterns in the digital space

  3. Long-lasting skills, that will enhance business opportunities

  4. Principles of exercise design to redefine any training to suit the individual client

For those who are interested in continuing their learning, we will be releasing supplementary 2-hour virtual workshops which will explore the muscle synergies of other parts of the body. These will be available to people who have completed module one and there will be an additional charge for these.​


Comera Movement Science draws on 25 years of research and practice to deliver high quality movement education. We've worked with clinicians across the world, from Chile to Taiwan, as well as leading organisations in healthcare and professional sports, including Premier League football. We are passionate about movement and our core goal is to give practitioners the tools they need to empower their clients or patients to lead better lives, whether this means improving athletic performance or increasing their wellbeing in everyday life.

Movement Education for Telehealth is a part of CMS Online, which takes our movement science expertise to provide a toolkit for practitioners looking to operate successfully in a digital space. With digital service delivery fast becoming the 'new normal', its essential that practitioners have the tools and the knowledge they need to continue to treat clients effectively and this is what CMS Online aims to support


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