Tina believes ‘Movement Health’ is the ultimate answer for people to be able to live their lives independently, full of dignity and choice. She is passionate about helping medical and health practitioners cross language barriers to learn the Kinetic Control (KC) process and gain confidence in using this system for different types of patients.

Based on the fundamental concepts of KC and her unique training background in critical care, Tina predominantly works as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist, integrating everything in her clinician’s toolbox with a wide range of clients, to optimize their quality of life by managing pain, limiting recurrence and enhancing function.


On her way to becoming a multidisciplinary professional, she realized that only when people can restore health in their movement can they realize the full potential of intensive rehabilitation programs so as to reduce the musculoskeletal complications that can decrease their quality of life. In this journey, Tina found Kinetic Control as giving her the systemised framework to achieve this clinical goal.


Completing her BSc in Physiotherapy from National Yang-Ming University in Taiwan, Tina is also a licensed practitioner of Pilates for rehabilitation. She first worked in a hospital well-known for providing premier cardiovascular surgery and critical care. During her work there, she realized that after open-heart surgery, many patients suffer from restriction of movement because of pain and scar tissue. This restriction not only makes them fail to complete their cardiac rehabilitation program but also causes musculoskeletal sequalae that subsequently influence their whole life, even though their heart structure has recovered. By implementing the systemised clinical framework that is KC, she could optimize her patients’ outcomes through a more holistic program. Visit for more information.


維萱堅信動作健康是人們可以活的獨立且有尊嚴的終極解答,擁有可以隨心而動的健康身體是無價的。以Kinetic Control的概念為核心,令她具備了信心與能力,再結合她獨特的跨界訓練背景,讓她有辦法提供多元且彈性的介入方式,幫助不同狀況的個案處理傷痛,預防傷害復發並增加生活品質,真正完成他們原本想做但因受傷而無法做的事情。




畢業於國立陽明大學物理治療暨輔助科技學系,她是台灣首批完成Kinetic Control訓練並註冊的動作治療師,也為亞洲首批赴英取得TPM pro認證的物理治療師。這門課程顛覆她對「動作訓練」的認知-動作分析可以細緻到如此地步,動作治療可以有如此強大的效果。用武功來比喻,內功深厚的人才能擁有高超的武功,如果沒有內功作為基礎,練習各種招式是沒有實際意義的。對她來說,KC就像一本包含了內功與外功的秘笈。在KC的架構上,她能更清晰未來持續進步的方向。


最初以心肺物理治療師的身份在醫院服務,遇到許多因難耐開胸術後疼痛或疤痕而產生動作限制的病人,有些人甚至無法完成急性期必須的心臟功能訓練。這些動作限制若未被重視與完善處理,將產生更複雜的肌肉骨骼併發症,後續生活品質大受影響。因此,她開始尋找更有效的治療方式,而Kinetic Control提供了她亟需的解答。除了完成所有Movement Solution課程,她也完成KC其他相關的masterclass,包含肌痛點治療,關節鬆動手法,動態貼布貼紮,以及經筋的整合概念等。同時她也為皮拉提斯復健全系列的國際認證指導員,並持續跨界整合不同的徒手治療、運動或動作介入方式。更多資訊:

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