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Jeannette after graduating as Physiotherapist at the Academy for Sports Studies in The Hague, Holland, worked in Switzerland whilst continuing post graduate education culminating with her qualification as a Manual Therapist. Jeannette currently works in private practice and is aligned with the Johan Cruyff Institute and several other talent programmes of the Dutch Olympic Committee. Several professional track and field, speed skating, ice hockey, basketball, and tennis clubs currently utilise Jeanette as their specialist performance advisor.

"The ‘why’ of how people get injured, is far more interesting” says Jeanette, “than just treating pain and injury.” It is the prevention of the recurrence of injury that has been the most important part of her job as a Physiotherapist so far. Jeannette is inspired by Shirley Sahrmann, who’s ground breaking work was reinforced by Mark Comerford and Sarah Mottram of Kinetic Control and The Performance Matrix. Jeannette believes The Performance Matrix is the best risk screening and retraining concept and plans to make this available in the Netherlands.

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