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Originally founded in 1995 by Mark Comerford and Dr Sarah Mottram, our goal is to bring Movement Health & Excellence to the Movement Community, through our carefully crafted education and tools.


Since our inception, we have developed and crafted our products: Kinetic Control, The Performance Matrix, and Movement Science Practitioner, to enhance the skills of practitioners across the world, increase their efficiency, improve patient progress and productivity, and elevate their success.


In 2016, we joined the Comera Group which enabled us to extend our international reach and delivery capability.

Since 2020 we have incorporated online and hybrid learning alongside our face-to-face training and services, while developing successful partnerships with companies such as Dynamic Tape, Wibbi, and Karen Finnin, allowing us to embrace a wider range of movement science expertise.


We believe that robust Movement Health is a key component of a healthy, happy life. Through movement assessment and retraining, our tools help individuals to achieve the best quality of life for a lifetime of activity, performance, and participation.​


We can’t achieve our goals alone, which is why we rely on our international team of tutors, clinicians, and specialists to teach our methods, challenge the status quo, and promote our ‘movement matters’ message.

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