We are an international team of educators, clinicians, researchers, and developers, united by the pursuit of excellence. For over 25 years we have provided practitioners  with the skills, technologies, and frameworks to optimise their clients’ quality of life via the concept of Movement Health.​

Originally founded in 1995 by Mark Comerford and
Dr Sarah Mottram,  we've sought to bring movement science excellence to bear in fields from clinical practice to high performance sport.


In 2016, we joined the Comera Group of companies, allowing us to further extend our international reach and delivery capabilities. 


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Since 2020, we have expanded our global collaborations, embracing a wider range of movement science expertise to meet the changing dynamics of the clinical and performance environment . Working with a diverse range of practitioners on 6 continents, we remain committed to the vision of facilitating excellence both internally and via all external interactions.  We actively challenge and seek to eliminate glass ceilings and artificial barriers, offering pathways of personal progression to all who aspire, regardless of starting point or distance to final goal.  See our values here.​

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We believe that robust Movement Health is a key component of a healthy, happy life. Through movement assessment and retraining, our tools help individuals to achieve the best quality of life for a lifetime of activity, performance, and participation.​


The team’s ongoing accrual of experience within clinical and performance environments is supported by our continued active engagement in the research process, a blend characterising our desire to possess a deeper insight on all aspects of motor behaviour. Our solutions are not just evidence-based but also evidence-led, an approach generating pioneering innovative methods, principles, and technologies to supply practitioners with the finest resolution of movement assessment and retraining within systematic clinical reasoning frameworks. ​

In 2020, Comera Movement Science entered a collaboration with Dynamic Tape. Dynamic Tape is the world's only 'Biomechanical Tape®', using powerful recoil to change movement patterns and manage load, without locking up movement.


Dynamic Tape have developed a programme of high-quality education. Comera Movement Science will continue to work in tandem with Dynamic Tape in the pursuit of excellence in all features of human performance and Movement Health.

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