We are an international team of educators, clinicians, researchers and developers. We have worked for over 25 years to provide professionals with the tools, education and technology to optimise their client's Movement Health.

Since our foundation by Sarah Mottram and Mark Comerford in 1995, we've sought to bring movement science excellence to bear in fields from clinical practice to high performance sport. We now work with clinicians on 6 continents and elite sports teams including Premier League football clubs but we are still committed to that vision. 


In 2016, we joined the Comera Group of companies, allowing us to further extend our international reach and delivery capabilities.

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We believe that healthy movement patterns are a key component of a healthy happy live. Through movement assessment and retraining, our tools help individuals to achieve the best quality of life for a lifetime of activity, performance and participation.

Our solutions are supported by scientific literature and the practical experiences of our clinicians and movement therapists. We strive to gain a deeper insight in the health of movement and provide the most insightful movement assessment and retraining system, blending functional biomechanics and neuroscience research for the best current practice.


In 2020, Comera Movement Science entered into a collaboration with Dynamic Tape. Dynamic Tape is the world's only Biomechanical Tape®, using powerful recoil to change movement patterns and manage load, without locking up movement.

We'll be working with Dynamic Tape to develop a programme of high quality education. We'll also be combining best practice in our respective areas of expertise in order to push forward the frontiers of the understanding and practice of movement.

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