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‘The Right Tools for the Right Task’

We recognise that everyone moves differently; we’ve therefore created education, tools, and support accessible for all movement professions.

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For Physios, Therapists, Clinicians

A comprehensive education series built around a clinical reasoning framework, with movement assessment and retraining at its heart.

For All Movement Professions

Our movement assessment platform, designed to help you profile clients and guide movement interventions.

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For All Movement Professions

Interested in teaching our content or receiving one-on-one mentoring? Explore our mentoring and tutoring pathways.

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For PT's, Instructors & Fitness Professionals

Our education series designed to improve your observation, cueing, and understanding of your clients’ movement and in so doing, deliver bespoke movement retraining interventions.


For All Movement Professions

Through our many partnerships, we offer additional state-of-the-art exercise software, catalogues, and supporting education.

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For All Movement Professions

Explore our education series online. Expand your knowledge with specialist education pieces from experts in their fields.

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