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What is a Kinetic Control Movement Therapist (KCMT)?

Someone who has completed the following: 

  • KCMT Foundation Module (online) 

  • Coordination Efficiency modules (x2) 

  • Muscle Synergy modules (x3)

  • Masterclass (x1)

Or The Movement Solution 1 

How do I become a KCMT?

Once you have completed the modules identified above, just apply and we will put you on the KCMT map.

How do I find a Kinetic Control course near me?

By clicking on the events near you page on our store. We add new course dates all year round so be sure to keep checking for updates. 

How do I get a month’s free trial to the Kinetic Control Testing and Exercise Catalogue?

You can find the option for a free month’s access to the software here

Is the Kinetic Control approach supported by evidence? If so, where can I find this research?

Very much so. Please see our research here.

How do I become a Course Organiser?

We are always keen to expand our organiser network. You can apply here.

How do I become a Kinetic Control Accredited Tutor (KCAT)?

Becoming a tutor for CMS is truly an education in movement. To become a KCAT, you will first need to be a KCMT. If you are successful in the tutor interview, you will be invited to shadow KC courses and mentored as you progress towards taking the KCAT exam. 

What is The Performance Matrix?

An online platform that supplies a battery of tests (matrices) that help reveal risk associated movements at differing tasks intensities. For each matrix, the system generates both a low and a high threshold report of risk. Practitioners can then deliver retraining interventions (exercise) to address the risk revealed via a Wibbi hosted exercise software system.

Do I need a licence to use TPM?

Yes, these are available via our store for TPM EssentialsTPM Pro and TPM Express on both annual and monthly options. TPM Pro  also comes as part of our Movement Health Centre of Excellence model.

What is the difference between TPM Pro and TPM Express?

TPM Express comes with 8 short matrices, that can be delivered within a 30 minute session. The system still reports on risk and features a comparison system to show progression. TPM Essentials comes with just 4 short matrices but still allows the same functionality as TPM Express. TPM Pro comes with over 30 different matrices (including TPM Express) plus the Wibbi hosted catalogue. Read more here.​

How long does it take to run a 10 test Matrix?

We recommend booking a 60 minute slot for the first testing session with a client. This will allow for testing and the delivery of some essential retraining. A follow up session will allow for a comprehensive report review and delivery of highly bespoke retraining interventions.  

Which type of clients are suitable for TPM?

The system is used by professional and junior athletes in both individual and team sports, in addition to not only the serious recreational exerciser but also those at the end stage of a rehab process. 

Are there any face-to-face courses for TPM?

The education for TPM is the 16 session The Performance Solution. Face to face education is available as part of the TPM Elite range. 

Is TPM supported by evidence? If so, where can I find this research? 

Find the evidence supporting the system here.

What is a Movement Health Centre of Excellence?

We want to recognise those who are pursuing excellence in Movement Health; this model supplies access to the TPM Pro system and a wide range of discounts on CMS online education and Dynamic Tape courses and products (25%). The model comes with mentoring, client referral schemes, awareness raising of your centre’s achievements and the ongoing reduction in the cost of educating your staff in world-class Movement Health management.  Find out more here.

Online Learning


How long do I have access to the online content for? 

All of our e-learning content is accessible for 12 months from the date of purchase. You can extend access to the learning platform for an annual fee here.

Does the course come with a certificate?

Yes, each online course comes with a certificate upon successful completion.

Do the courses come with CEUs?

Currently, the course do not carry CEUs however we are looking to develop the educational offering in that direction.

Are there any pre-requisites for the courses?

Yes. Course delegates are required to possess appropriate qualifications and indemnity insurance to apply the techniques explored within our courses and products. Comera Group Limited and its subsidiaries accept no responsibility or liability for any damages caused when applying the techniques covered in our courses or via our products.

How do I gain the Movement Science Practitioner Accreditation?

Firstly, you will need to complete the e-learning elements of Part A and B. You can then attend the 3 Movement Science Practitioner (MSP) workshops, where each look at a different body region. Finally, you can complete the MSP Exam, at which point you will be fully accredited as an MSP. ​



How do I get in contact to receive mentoring?

We have a range of tutors who deliver mentoring, and you can book a session with any one of them here.

How can I access the consultancy service for TPM?

This can be accessed here.

How do I become a mentor?

To become a mentor, you will need to be a CMS tutor (KCAT or MSPT). We have routes of progression for anyone who has attended our education. 

How can I become a consultant?

We are keen to harness the expertise in the network. If you have experience of using TPM within your practice, we would love to talk about how you can help others develop their skills, business, and their clients’ Movement Health.  



How do I become a CMS Tutor?

You will first need to complete our routes of education for the educational pathway of interest (e.g. Kinetic Control). Then apply here.

How do I become a Senior Tutor?

Once you have gained tutor status, we are keen for you to attain Senior Tutor accreditation so that you can deliver mentoring, tutor interviews and tutor exams.  This would involve having a Senior Tutor sit in on one of your courses (remote) and provide you with feedback on your teaching practice. You can apply to become a Senior Tutor for either KC or MSP.

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