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The clinical pathway draws on our 25 years of research and practice in movement science to help clinicians to improve their skills in movement assessment and retraining.

This pathway is built around our Kinetic Control education series and is trusted by clinicians across the world. We have delivered our clinical education in over 45 countries and online. 



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Our clinical pathway is built on our Kinetic Control clinical reasoning framework, which is informed by over 25 years of research and practice.


Our clinical education will help you to reason through patient presentations, manage pain and recurrence of pain, and improve function and performance.

You can find out more about the Kinetic Control framework here.

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We offer courses across the world, in both online and face-to face formats and in multiple languages. Our courses are delivered by our experienced network of tutors and each cover the application of the Kinetic Control clinical reasoning framework in a different context, combining theoretical and practical elements to help you integrate KC principles into your practice.

You can see upcoming courses here, or apply to host one here.

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Our testing and retraining catalogue is an invaluable tool for clinicians,  allowing them to design a tailor-made  movement retraining programme for patients.

The catalogue contains a comprehensive library  of movement retraining videos which will help clinicians to deliver full and targeted interventions, as well as tests of co-ordination efficiency and observation of preferred movement patterns. You can buy the catalogue here and watch a short demo with Mark Comerford here.

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As one of our certified Kinetic Control Movement Therapists (KCMTs), you'll integrate the Kinetic Control clinical reasoning system fully into your practice, join a worldwide network of practitioners and gain association with our globally recognised brand.

To become a KCMT, you'll first need to have completed The Movement Solution One or one of our modular pathways. You can find out more about becoming a KCMT or apply here.

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For those on the KCMT or KCAT routes who would like some additional coaching or support, we offer mentorship sessions with Senior KCATs.

These highly experienced tutors are well positioned to support learners through the process of learning Kinetic Control, identify areas for coaching in learners' skillset and provide bespoke and practical support. You can book in a mentorship session here.



We've partnered with renowned telehealth expert Karen Finnin to provide a range of courses that will help clinicians to move their practice online.

Karen is a telehealth pioneer who founded Australian telehealth provider Online Physio in 2011. She has since become a respected expert in the telehealth space. Read more about our courses and mentorship options here.



Spark Motion is an innovative, HIPAA compliant motion analysis system which provides a powerful toolkit for users looking to capture and analyse movement patterns, both in a performance and clinical setting.

The system was developed by clinicians with over 100 years' combined experience and both iPhone and iPad versions are available for ease of use. Learn more here.

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Our digital campus  provides a wide variety of e-learning that you can use to  supplement our in-person and tutor led courses. 


Many of our users find this a more accessible and affordable way to access our education. Research has also shown that it can increase retention when used as part of a blended learning approach. On this page, you can find a variety of  e-learning products to suit different audiences.

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