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Introducing The CMS Digital Campus

Necessity: The Mother Of Diversifying (Digitally)

For face-to-face training providers, agility in the face of uncertainty may have characterised the demands of 2020. As a result, the landscape of 2021 has a richer array of educational options. Here we introduce the Digital Campus, Comera Movement Science’s option for those choosing an ‘education in movement’ via an entirely or at least partially virtual approach.

The notion of a virtual campus is far from novel. Deliverers of graduate and post-graduate education around the world are facilitating students’ interaction with online content to support generate learning experiences in a range of formats. These virtual and blended options are supported and guided by educators/tutors. The CMS Digital Campus replicates these models, supplying course delegates not only a range of courses but also a selection of modes of learning.

From WiFi To WIFM (What’s In It For Me); A Broad Band Of Benefits

The Digital Campus offers benefits. Practitioners managing the demands of the clinical and/or performance environment may perceive it as impossible to commit to traditional face to face delivery. The virtual campus facilitates course delegates to punctuate their day with education, pacing engagement with the content around their week.

There is also a financial component; the course fee ‘X’ only represents a percentage of the outlay associated to travel, accommodation, and time out of the workplace. The equivalent costing course is quite simply cheaper when you stay home to study. If there is no need to travel, the course once only taught in distant lands (UK), is now at the end of a short commute between the morning coffee in the kitchen and the laptop on the sofa.

Education. In Movement.

Yet, just in case you feel we are advocating inactivity (we are of course, championing the health of Movement), your Digital Campus is as mobile as you are. Getting out and about with your learning, allows you work more than just the cognitive juices as you put the practical content truly into practice. Mentioning the 24/7 and repeatable aspects of the content seems a little redundant; however, apparently it doesn’t go without saying.


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