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Carla Danielle Chagas

Kinetic Control Tutor

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English, Portuguese



Carla Danielle Chagas is a Brazilian based clinician and tutor with a vast experience of both clinical practice and movement focused education. As a physiotherapist with her own practice in Rio de Janeiro, Carla has also been delivering courses since 2001 to a range of clinical and non-clinical movement professionals.


If you asked Carla to describe her work in one sentence, she would say,

​“I like to make a difference in people´s lives, promoting awareness and education to help them move and feel better in their own body”

This mix of movement and awareness is something Carla has a long history of. With a background in both ballet and Spanish dancing, she has always been involved in sports, a journey leading her to study physiotherapy, and allowing to build on her passion for kinesiology and the development of movement based interventions. In 2000, after further developing her clinical expertise in Brazil, she became the first Brazilian to attend and complete the Masters programme at Queensland University, Australia. Carla identifies this course further progressed her clinical skill set and was followed by invitations to be a guest speaker at national and international congresses and workshops in addition to a teaching role at her alma mater university in Rio. Carla’s expertise has also created demand for her clinical skills oversea, as she was invited to work treating athletes and delivering clinical workshops at the Guanzhou Olympic Center in China, from 2005 to 2007. Her desire to communicate the power of movement within the clinical environment inspired her to organise 4 conferences in Brazil (Musculoskeletal and Sports Congress), creating opportunities for many physiotherapists from all over South America to be in contact with international keynote speakers.

​Still working with a wide clinical population, she continues to harness movement to help her patients manage and overcome musculoskeletal issues and chronic pain problems.

​The opportunity to deliver Kinetic Control courses allows her to gather all her professional skills and experience within this systemized clinical framework to help other clinicians realise more robust Movement Health for their patients and clients.

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