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Hemakshi Basu

Kinetic Control Tutor

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Senior Tutor



"I believe Physiotherapy is a unique branch of rehab medicine that adds life to one’s years and not just years to one’s life! Kinetic Control, helped me realize that this can be achieved by understanding Movement better – by changing patients movement impairments thereby changing pain"


Hemakshi has been practicing Physiotherapist since 1994. She enrolled for a Post Grad Manual Therapy course at University of South Australia, Adelaide, 1997. On her return, she had a special unit for managing musculoskeletal patients at the Hopsital where she worked. Her interest on managing musculoskeletal disorders led her to set up her own consulting practice where she manages a diverse patient profile using an integrated approach - Evaluation | Recovery | Prevention | Enhancement.


Hemakshi`s keen interest on sharing knowledge and industry building coupled with the drive to change perceptions about physiotherapy, led her to conducting a series of workshops, in diverse subjects of physiotherapy. Subsequently, she became a founder member of the Academy of Rehab Sciences, an organization that conducts workshops to update and enhance knowledge and skills of fellow Physiotherapists.

​She came across the concept of Kinetic Control in 2011 when Sarah was first invited to India. The Concept of Movement intrigued her curiosity to learn more about it. After applying it to patients and successfully achieving unbelievable results, there was no looking back. Evaluating through understanding movement has widened her horizon in the management of musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

​She strongly believes that Movement is the future of Physiotherapy and is excited to be a part of Kinetic Control Team and spread its awareness by teaching the concept in India through her Academy of Rehab Sciences.

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