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Hunter Wu

Kinetic Control Tutor

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English, Mandarin


"If every medical and fitness professional gained the skills of evaluating and retraining movement, quality of life, across the globe, would reach new heights. Movement Health is not just for pain management. It’s about participation and enjoying every activity in life, for life"


Hunter believes people all move differently and there are no absolutely right or wrong movements; what matters is just how many movement options we have and how we use them each day.


As a physiotherapist who is passionate about exercise, Hunter is constantly analysing and practising the movement of different training approaches. This process of investigation is then integrated alongside his understanding of Kinetic Control, and his own exercise and clinical experience in to working with a wide range of clients. His clinical practice is more than just managing their pain; he is also enhancing movement efficiency, performance, and reducing injury recurrence.

On completing his BSc in Physiotherapy from National Yang-Ming University in Taiwan, Hunter has provided exercise and manual therapy within a rehabilitation clinic. In addition to clinical work, he frequently shares health information and the promotion of physiotherapy through social media streams. Although an experienced weight trainer, he recognises many of his clients’ issues are the result of inefficient movement and altered coordination, which require a different approach to traditional strength training. Hunter says,

‘Many people experience anxiety when moving their body due to current pain or their pain experience, sometimes even though they don’t feel any pain now’: To address this state, Hunter believes everyone should have the chance to recognise the importance of Movement Health, and this also includes his fellow clinicians.

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