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Jacqueline Swart

Kinetic Control Tutor, MSP Tutor, TPM Consultant

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Senior Tutor

English, Afrikaans

South Africa

"Managing Movement helps you move better, feel better and perform better"


Jacqueline's Manage Movement Centre in South Africa allows her to employ her expertise in treating patients with various musculoskeletal disorders in addition to sports injuries, preventing injuries/recurrence of injuries and improving overall Movement Health. She firmly believes that managing movement should be the basis of each physiotherapist's practice. Also qualified as a Pilates instructor she gets the most out of her studio equipment as part of her specific movement retraining with her wide client base. Her expertise is has allowed Jacqueline to attend several World Athletic championships as a South African team physiotherapist


First coming across the concept of movement control in 2004, Jacqueline has never looked back. Since 2008 she has been qualified as a Kinetic Control Movement Therapist, Accredited Tutor and TPM Consultant (The Performance Matrix) and is passionate about sharing the Movement Health message all over the world, making the world move better, to feel better.

She was also part of the team contributing to the evidence base that supports the Kinetic Control and TPM systems; co-author of the published paper “Intra and Inter-Rater Reliability of Screening for Movement Impairments. Movement Control tests from The Foundation Matrix. Journal of Sport Science and Medicine. She has presented as a keynote speaker at the Jordan International Physiotherapy Congress in 2018.

The Kinetic Control and The Performance Matrix process has been instrumental in helping her provide her patients and clients with the highest evidence base quality of service available. She strongly believes in the importance of managing movement impairments to help her patients achieve the best Movement Health and to prevent the recurrence of symptoms and improve their quality of life.​

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