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Jeannette Hoftijzer

Kinetic Control Tutor

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Senior Tutor

English, Dutch, German


"Looking beyond pain & recurrence for long-term Movement Health with Kinetic Control: ‘The ‘why’ of how people get injured and experience recurrence, is far more interesting and clinically important than just treating the pain and rehabilitating an injury."


Jeanette’s extensive clinical experience of working with elite performers allows her Kinetic Control teaching to remain focused on achieving the patient’s goals, both acute and long-term. Jeanette states,’ the prevention of injury recurrence and helping people reaching their movement goals is the most important part of my role as a physiotherapist’. Highlighting her diverse skill set and broad clinical capabilities, professional athletes ranging from the world of track and field, speed skating, ice hockey and basketball, currently utilise Jeanette as their specialist performance adviser.


As a Kinetic Control tutor, Jeannette helps develop clinicians’ skills in applying the system’s structured clinical framework of movement assessment and targeted retraining to their own practice. Jeannette’s clinical expertise helps them recognise that pain management is just the first stage of recurrence management, injury prevention and long-term return to function.

Supporting her wide clinical skill set, Jeannette graduated as Physiotherapist at the Academy for Sports Studies in The Hague, Holland, before working in Switzerland and continuing her post graduate education as a Manual Therapist. Alongside her Kinetic Control teaching, Jeannette, runs a movement based private practice and is aligned with the Johan Cruyff Institute and several other talent programmes of the Dutch Olympic Committee. Additionally, Jeannette is a TPM Consultant (The Performance Matrix), operating as a highly experienced practitioner with this complimentary movement analysis and retraining system.

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