Lincoln Blandford

Movement Health: choice in both the ‘how’ and the ‘what’ of movement

Lincoln Blandford

Head of Research, Education & Development​

His role as Head of Education for Comera Movement Science has allowed him to assist his colleagues’ understanding and application of the Movement Health concept and supported their ability to transmit this message to clinicians and coaches within elite sport and private practice around the world. Lincoln has also focused on developing his own ability to capture his course attendees' attention through an engaging teaching style, the use of schematics, and a keen sense of humour.

Originally educated within strength and conditioning science, he has sought to blend the structure of performance focused professions with the clinical expertise of CMS and share this insight across a range of disciplines. He has a particular interest in exercise design and the integration of movement assessment into long-term programming for performance. Considered an accomplished writer, he has published several times peer-reviewed articles concerning hamstring strain within elite sport and the Movement Health concept both from a theoretical and applied perspective. These publications have led to conference presentations including appearances at the Football Medicine Strategies events In both 2016 and 2019.

He is currently engaged in research investigating the relationship between coordination variability and Movement Health in addition to supporting all components of Comera Movement Science

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