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Patrik Pedersen

Kinetic Control Tutor

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"We want to sustain this movement quality throughout life, allowing individuals to pursue and achieve their goals, whatever those goals are. Movement health is all about giving individuals more options, to enhance their quality of life, whether that’s walking the dog or succeeding in elite sport."


Kinetic Control tutor Patrik Pedersen states’ human movement is fascinating. We all move differently. Our movement patterns are both a result/reflection of our personal history, and are a statement of who we are.


Playing a key role in Patrik´s own history, and the development on his perspectives on movement was the trip he made to Australia 14 years ago, to complete a Masters of Manipulative Therapy. Little did he know, that he was going to pack a whole new view on human movement in his suitcase on the way back to his native Sweden. This movement focussed approach, makes Patrik and Kinetic Control courses a great match.

​The dual roles of working with patients at Arena Fysio, Helsingborg and teaching the Kinetic Control process internationally, has helped Patrik to further evolve his movement focus. Placing ever greater emphasis on addressing the underlying mechanisms of movement control issues rather than just the symptoms related to such problems continues provide new insight and reward. Patrik adds, ‘one of the greatest things about teaching movement to patients and fellow therapists alike, is their journey from awareness to ownership. Making people aware of their movement and guiding them through the ways to change their movement allows people to take ownership of their movement health.

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