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Phoenix Li

Kinetic Control Tutor, MSP Tutor

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Beijing, China

"Let every athlete have more action choices to improve sports performance and prolong sports career. Revolutionized my clinical practice."


My name is Phoenix and I am a Team Sports Physician Director. I also give lectures at the university.I love Kinetic Control and it makes my patients walk out of the clinic happy.


When the football players I manage are injured and unable to return to the field efficiently.

I found that they couldn't control their injuries effectively and couldn't get back to their best form on the training ground. That's when I used Kinetic Control and a miracle happened, the football players back were even better than before.

After that, I also applied TPM to better detect I manage football players, dancers, race car drivers to prolong their sports career.

Kinetic Control is a real gem and the TPM is the most effective tool I have ever used.

It is my happiest moment to see every patient happily returning to their playing field.

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