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Priyank Golchha

CMS Team Member

Priyank Golchha is an educator and mentor for those looking forward to learning any concept with sound clinical reasoning & profound clinical knowledge. She has a keen interest in working with the intricacies of movement & the building robust movement patterns.

For Priyank, Kinetic Control, combined with her other clinical skills is immensely helpful in supporting excellent clinical outcomes for her patients.

Practicing as a physiotherapist in India for more than a decade, Priyank’s career has seen her achieve Assistant Professor status and work as the clinical head/lead of various organisations across the country. While developing her professional expertise, she discovered The Movement Solution course by delivered Mark & Sarah; since then there has been no looking back. The course further developed her knowledge base and clinical expertise, a skill set now recognised by Kinetic Control Movement Therapist (KCMT) status and inclusion within the Kinetic Control tutor team. 

Priyank states that, her exposure and insight on various schools of thought helps her to teach the course material with greater clarity and understanding. She believes curiosity is the key element that helps in learning the subject. Her motivational skills & brilliant interactive sessions support course attendees’ engagement with the concepts. Her contemporary approach has been helping students and colleagues across the globe to become more effective health professionals.

Currently, Priyank runs her own clinic in Mumbai where she has been successfully handling various musculoskeletal cases & sports related injuries. She deals with patients of all ages and presenting with a wide range of neuro-musculoskeletal challenges/conditions. Additionally, Priyank also works with children, helping enhance their sports performance. Priyank finds it very rewarding to work with those experiencing chronic pain, giving patient insights about effects of pain on body & helping them to reach a pain free & functionally independent state.

Priyank believes:

"Gaining control in movement, in its full range, gives the client excellent Movement Health”. She has great passion for her profession & with her expertise she has been able to give insights to her patients and her colleagues about the importance of developing robust Movement Health."