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Rasha Hossein

CMS Team Member

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English, Arabic


"My aim is to inspire and to spread innovative knowledge."


Balancing her clinical practice with a focus on clinical tutoring, Rasha firmly believes in the reciprocal nature of learning through teaching. Adopting a leadership approach from the middle, her goal is to inspire others and disseminate innovative knowledge within the healthcare community.


Rasha has have 13 years of clinical experience in the medical, education and sports industries and is a licensed Physiotherapist with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in Sports Injuries & Rehabilitation from Cairo University.

Though well-versed in a diverse array of Manual Therapy concepts, Rasha has cultivated a profound interest in Movement Health. Eager to explore a particular approach, she joined the inaugural Kinetic Control courses in Cairo in 2018, making her one of the pioneering participants in Egypt and the Middle East under the Prime Physio training program.

This decision marked a pivotal moment in Rasha's practice, propelling her to new heights in patient care. Initially applying Kinetic Control techniques to athletic conditions, she found great satisfaction in challenging high-performance athletes, such as CrossFit players, with low threshold training to enhance their movement choices.

Advocating for patient education, Rasha utilized Kinetic Control ideas to engage in meaningful discussions with her Musculoskeletal (MSK) patients about their chronic issues from a fresh perspective. Witnessing her patients' comprehension of the causes of their pain evolve with a newfound clarity has been particularly rewarding.

Furthermore, Rasha has gained a more defined understanding of "core exercises" through the acquisition of an explicit muscle classification system. As a part of the Prime Physio organization, her commitment to continuous education has flourished over a decade of mentorship, training, and co-teaching alongside international figures in the field.

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