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Steve Sparks

Specialist Tutor

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United Kingdom


With 12 years of clinical experience working in elite football, Steve uses both Kinetic Control and The Performance Matrix (TPM) principles to assess and focus on individualised movement-based interventions for both acute and long-term athlete development. He believes an important component of injury prevention and management is about creating and maintaining physical robustness through co-ordinated synergistic muscle contraction with optimised movement variation in order to enhance performance.


Supporting Steve’s clinical skill set and experience he completed a Sport & Exercise Science degree from the University of Bath, further completing a degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Southampton and an MSc in Physiotherapy from the University of Keele.

Although acknowledging the need to manage the individual with movement interventions as a whole, his experience in professional football has seen Steve develop a specialist interest in hip and groin movement and rehabilitation. Illustrating a particular focus on the structure and function of the adductor magnus, he presented a hugely well-received masterclass at Movement Performance Solutions’ first International Movement Conference in 2018, exploring the application of movement in the return to play story for elite athletes. Steve delivers both KC and TPM routes of education, allowing him to share his insight and expertise with a wide range of movement focussed professionals.

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