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Swekha Mehta

Kinetic Control Tutor

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Swekha believes that RETRAINING MOVEMENT is the future of physiotherapy management and the key to treating a patient successfully and holistically. Kinetic Control has helped her integrate movement retraining as a part of her assessment and rehabilitation.


Through the concept of Kinetic Control she learned to correlate Uncontrolled Movement with patient’s signs and symptoms and develop various rehabilitation strategies to retrain the impairments. She strongly believes that it is important to correct movement faults and not just fix the symptoms so as to achieve complete function, prevent recurrences and improve quality of life.

Swekha first came across the concept of Motor control while studying for her MSc. Her inquisitiveness to learn more about it made her attend Sarah’s first workshop held in India in 2011. She has never looked back. Swekha is now an accredited Kinetic Control Movement therapist and excited about being a Kinetic Control team member.

She completed her MSc in Physiotherapy (Musculoskeletal) from Sheffield Hallam University, UK. Following her postgraduate program she was able to publish her dissertation in an internationally recognized peer-reviewed journal.

She currently enjoys working as a physiotherapist in the private sector. Her main area of expertise is treating patients with various musculoskeletal disorders from chronic back and neck pain to shoulder dysfunction.

Swekha aspires to revolutionize Indian physiotherapy practice by sharing the importance of motor control and treating movement impairments among colleagues in India. Although this concept of Kinetic Control is relatively new in India it is gaining a lot of recognition. Being a part of the Kinetic Control team will help her take it further by training and tutoring more and more new therapists to learn this and incorporate it in their practice. Making movement matter.

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