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Tina Lin

Kinetic Control Tutor, MSP Tutor

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Senior Tutor

English, Mandarin



Tina believes ‘Movement Health’ is the ultimate answer for people to be able to live their lives independently, full of dignity and choice. She is passionate about helping medical and health practitioners cross language barriers to learn the Kinetic Control (KC) process and gain confidence in using this system for different types of patients.


Based on the fundamental concepts of KC and her unique training background in critical care, Tina predominantly works as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist, integrating everything in her clinician’s toolbox with a wide range of clients, to optimize their quality of life by managing pain, limiting recurrence and enhancing function.

On her way to becoming a multidisciplinary professional, she realized that only when people can restore health in their movement can they realize the full potential of intensive rehabilitation programs so as to reduce the musculoskeletal complications that can decrease their quality of life. In this journey, Tina found Kinetic Control as giving her the systemised framework to achieve this clinical goal.

Completing her BSc in Physiotherapy from National Yang-Ming University in Taiwan, Tina is also a licensed practitioner of Pilates for rehabilitation. She first worked in a hospital well-known for providing premier cardiovascular surgery and critical care. During her work there, she realized that after open-heart surgery, many patients suffer from restriction of movement because of pain and scar tissue. This restriction not only makes them fail to complete their cardiac rehabilitation program but also causes musculoskeletal sequalae that subsequently influence their whole life, even though their heart structure has recovered. By implementing the systemised clinical framework that is KC, she could optimize her patients’ outcomes through a more holistic program. Visit for more information.

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