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15th March 2015

The evolution of the current emphasis on movement as the way to manage and improve musculoskeletal health

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1. Current practice acknowledges a varied approach

2. Recipe culture and the ‘core stability hangover’

3. History, evolution and incongruence

4. Core stability is…

5. Functional… no, wait a minute ‘neuromuscular training’ as the new core stability

6. Kinetic Control- ‘the clue’s in the name’

7. Functional doesn’t equate to optimal

8. No pain… but poor control

9. Speed and strength can be the answer to speed and strength questions

10. The ‘Movement’ movement

Final thoughts:

The movement movement is evolving yet, the lessons of the past must be considered as it seems there is a need to avoid merely adopting a cultural (performance or rehab) stance to movement analysis and retraining. Testing those not in pain must be stratified so as to reveal what lies beneath both the veneer of daily function and hidden within the split second of the sports skill.


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