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14th February 2018

This movement focused conference embraces the future of Movement Health for not only patient and clients but also clinicians, coaches and all movement focussed professionals. The day will explore the value of movement and multiple aspects of assessment and training across a range of disciplines, providing movement solutions helping people to reach their goals and achieve optimum Movement Health across their lifespan.

At Southampton FC, UK 24th March 2018


World Class Line Up of International Speakers

We will discuss new and multi-disciplinary perspectives on movement analysis, successful movement interventions and facilitating enhanced movement skills, alongside the future of Movement Health and how to facilitate this for clients and patients. We will share experiences in a cross-disciplinary environment, taking from the wide range of highly skilled presenters, to reflect on what we can do better.

Deborah Falla, Professor, University of Birmingham, The Control of Spinal Movement and How it is Adapted to Pain

Ewa Roos, Professor, University of Southern Denmark, Good Life with osteoArthritis in Denmark (GLA:D(R) - implementation of clinical guidelines for osteoarthritis nationwide

Bart Dingenen, University of Hasselt, Belgium, The Value of Evaluating Preferred Movement Patterns

Mark Comerford, Movement Performance Solutions, Bristol UK, The Movement Evaluation Model - Interpretations and Application

Lincoln Blandford, High Performance Movement Consultant, UK, Asking The Movement Question And Sight-Reading Synergies; Taking note of kinematic signatures through cognitive assessment

Nadine Booysen, University of Southampton, UK, Exercise programmes for hip control to improve lower limb movement quality in recreational youth football: a proof of concept and feasibility trial

James Onate, Ohio State University, USA, Neuromechanical Approach For Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation: Eccentric Force Control

Alli Gokeler, University of Groningen, The Netherlands, Motor Learning In Rehabilitation and Prevention

Jamie North, St Mary's University, Twickenham, UK, Practical Applications of Skill Acquisition Research: The importance of representing performance environments in learning environments

Richard Blagrove, Birmingham City University, UK, Movement And Physical Preparation Strategies For The Distance Runner

Padmanaban Sekaran, Sparsh Hospital, Bangalore, India, Kinetic Medial Rotation Test – Clinical relevance and practical application

Paul Goss, Body Logic Health, London, UK, Putting Movement Into The Business

Warrick McNeill, Physioworks, London, UK, The Movement Movement


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