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Demand-Share Workshop: Harnessing muscle synergies to sustain robust athletic performance

We’re pleased to announce an upcoming one-day masterclass delivered by Steve Sparks, first team physio working within the top flight of English football. You can book your place here.

The day will offer an alternative approach to managing hamstring, hip and groin injury risk. Rather than exclusively focusing on the tissue at risk (e.g. long head of biceps), this masterclass presents the underpinning concepts and practical application of harnessing the body’s muscle synergies to sustain robust athletic performance.

The masterclass explores a demand share-approach, identifying how clinicians can employ movement assessment and retraining to spread the work across a range of muscle synergists rather than just aiming to make the frequently injured tissue ever stronger. The day will place a particular focus on the hamstrings, hip and groin, harnessing expertise gained working within the professional football environment.

The masterclass objectives will be:

  • Building a rationale for the use of a muscle synergy / demand share approach to managing hamstring, hip and groin risks and presentations

  • Application of a demand-share approach supporting sustained robust athletic performance

  • Integration into clinical and elite sport environments

If you have any queries on enquiries, please get in touch at

Supporting literature:

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Blandford L, McNeill W, Charvet I. Can we spread the risk? A demand-share perspective to sustained hamstring health. J Bodyw Mov Ther. 2018;22(3):766-79.

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