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7th May 2019

Pablo Marinho will be teaching The Performance Solution Part 1 in Barcelona at the end of this month. We caught up with him to discuss this key TPM date that is happening!

The Performance Solution Part 1

Location: Barcelona

Date: 30.05.2019 - 02.06.2019

Tutor: Pablo Marinho

Thanks for catching up with us Pablo! Could you please explain what the key aspects of The Performance Solution Part 1 are?

The Performance Solution Part 1 focusses on testing, testing results analysis and the delivery of movement retraining interventions. It also explores the concept of Movement Health and considers how businesses can offer a long-term service to support their clients’ performance and prevention goals. We’ll be discussing the principles and process behind TPM’s technology and approach to managing movement related deficits in performance and injury risk.

When are the next parts that follow on from The Performance Solution Part 1 happening in Barcelona?

The next part of the course will be happening later this year once the group have used the system in their practice. To ensure all elements of the education remain bespoke, the exact dates will be discussed within the group, so as to fit not only their calendars but also for their best learning outcomes.

What will the attendee gain out of attending The Performance Solution Part 1?

Attendees to this education will be enjoying the opportunity to be one of the first professionals to offer this outstanding innovative and effective service to their clients, giving them the edge over their peers and competitors.

Finally Pablo, what is it that excites you about The Performance Solution?

The Performance Matrix is simply THE most exciting movement testing, risk reporting and retraining approach I have ever been in contact with, supported by in excess of 20 years of research and development. The time is right for Spain’s very developed fitness industry to access a tool that will help keep the nation physically active in the long term.


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