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Sarah Mottram Awarded Her PhD

We’re pleased to announced that our clinical director, Sarah Mottram, has been awarded a PhD from the University of Southampton, where she is also a visiting academic. Sarah’s thesis title is:

The Health of Movement - Recognising Movement Choices in Individuals for Long-Term Health

In this thesis, Sarah explores the assessment of Movement Coordination Strategies to guide retraining and improve healthy movement. Both theoretical concepts and research papers provide evidence for proof-of-concept, validity and reliability of assessment procedures. Speaking about her PhD, Sarah said: “I have always been passionate about using movement to improve quality of life. For the last 25 years I have championed healthy movement and used clinical experience, research activities, education and technological innovations and the application of movement method to shape the concept of retraining movement quality to restore loss of movement choices. We look forward to drawing on Sarah’s research, as well as the fresh perspectives she has gained on the subject of healthy movement, as part of her role as Clinical Director of Comera Movement Science. Sarah will continue to work alongside us to develop our clinical solutions and help us bring our message to more people across the globe. We will shortly be releasing a new Movement Science Practitioner course for Pilates practitioners, which has been informed and inspired by her movement perspective.

Like Sarah, we have a passion for transforming the lives of everybody through robust and healthy movement and we look forward to working together in pursuit of this goal.

This infographic, from Sarah’s PhD, illustrates how the the assessment and retraining processes presented have been taught to therapists internationally, by a network of Comera Movement Science Accredited Tutors. The educational framework has enabled the author and the Comera Movement Science to grow a global community of therapists Kinetic Control Movement Therapists, TPM & Movement Science Practitioners to people to manage their own movement health.


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