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We caught up with Kinetic Control Accredited Tutor Hemakshi Basu to discuss her time teaching Movement Efficiency to Optimise Movement Retraining for Neck and Shoulder in India.

“This was the first Kinetic Control workshop to take place at Somaiya College of Physiotherapy in India. Thanks to Ms Anna Varghese for getting this fun-loving, enthusiastic and smart group of physios together so that they could learn this Movement Health concept at the beginning of their career. I really enjoyed it and had the pleasure to teach this bunch of physios as much as they enjoyed learning it!"

"Great going, it's just the beginning and we’re hoping to continue the enthusiasm!”

Testimonials from delegates:

Jeenal Valia

“I have been struggling with my scapula for years and after today's session, just after one day, the discomfort that I used to feel in the elevator scap and upper traps has gone. I have done a lot of stretching and releasing the muscle and strengthening but it didn't help. Just the 2 mins exercises and controlled elevation has helped me a lot. Thank you so much ma'am!”

Nikita Dhalian

“Thank you so much ma'am. I got to learn a lot, there were very interesting concepts and it changed my perspective of evaluation and treatment approach. I really enjoyed it a lot.”

Priyanka Paliwal

It was a great experience to learn from you, ma’am. The first look at the manual had actually scared me and everything seemed so difficult. But at the end of the session, everything fell in place. Thank you so much for making it so easy for us. Looking forward to practicing it now.”

Sonali Manek

It was a great experience ma'am. Thank you so much for introducing us to this concept. I think difference in the neck says how amazingly KC works!

If you would like to see current Kinetic Control dates happening in India, please click here.


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