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New CMS Asia Hub

We are delighted to showcase our new CMS Asia Hub, headed up by our talented tutor Suzanne Tang. We have three new tutors joining the CMS Asia Hub, Shirely Lai, Ariel Seng and Hunter Wu, working along side Suzanne and Kinetic Control Accredited Tutor Tina Lin.

The CMS Asia Hub will continue to develop the KC course network and add The Performance Matrix and our new Movement Science Practitioner series.

Here is what Suzanne says about our team in Asia

"With the structural clinical reasoning framework, a logical way of evaluating and managing movement, the Kinetic Control Courses provided by the CMS team gives the clinicians a very powerful tool for clinical practice.It's easy to integrate all the tools we have, including manual and movement approaches, with the clear framework provided by Kinetic Control."

Feedback from participants:

  • The Kinetic Control course is very inspiring.

  • Kinetic Control course is applicable, effective, and useful in clinical practices.

  • Clear logic. Detailed principles.

  • The course points out my room for improvement in clinical practices.

  • Suzanne is dedicated to the lecture. She explained comprehensively and the principles are clear, which benefited me a lot.

  • Suzanne is excellent and combines theory with clinical case examples, and explained very carefully.

We are really looking forward to working with Suzanne and CMS Asia hub team to bring Movement Health to rehab, fitness and wellness environments


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