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The Performance Solution saw its first visit to Taiwan with Head of Education delivering the 4 days alongside TPM Consultant and Kinetic Control Accredited Tutor, Suzanne Tang.

Lincoln Blandford supplies some insight on what exactly was covered over the 4 days.

Day 1 saw an exploration of the Movement Health concept and an introduction to testing with the system.

Day 1. Getting started and everyone is ready for Movement Health

Day 1. Testing times

By day 2, the course started to refine testing skills at both low and high threshold in addition to analysing reports for clients and prioritising for goals.

Day 2. Exploring the TPM system’s low threshold tests

By Day 3, both low and high threshold retraining was well under way, targeting the issues the testing found and highlighted as key to achieving the client’s goals.

Day 3. High threshold: how to produce the challenge

Day 4 was focussed on more retraining plus consideration of how to successfully intergrate TPM in to current clinic offering through ‘The Business of Movement’ section.

Day 4. High threshold: hit the ground running

Finally, the course concluded having considered how to test, analyse reports, goal set and retrain clients at both a low and high threshold of muscle recruitment.

Day 4. Wave goodbye to Taiwan!

Lincoln says, ‘it was fantastic to work with such a skilled group, who really understood the principles of the system and the importance of Movement Health’. I’m looking forward to seeing these guys implement the system within their clinics and centres and push the movement message’. It was excellent to work with Suzanne; a great teacher and movement educator!’

Did you know our education is now online? Find out more about our e-learning by clicking here.


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