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Latest Masterclass From The Comera Movement Science Team

January 2020 saw the Comera Movement Science team add another key component to the growing body of evidence for cognitive movement control testing and retraining within the clinical environment. Following on from the influential ‘The assessment of movement health in clinical practice’ (Dingenen, 2018), our latest publication further explores not only the application of testing but also offers greater insight on the impact of movement retraining.

The authors felt the time was right for a paper that illustrates that cognitive movement control tests can steer retraining interventions and that these can make changes to people’s movement for the long-term.

Lincoln Blandford says,

“There’s lots of talk at the moment about how movement variability is related to injury risk and pain, but everyone still seems to be searching for how this can be applied clinically. In this paper, we present a case for cognitive movement control tests as a possible solution to that quest.”

You can read the full article here:


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