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13th November 2018

4 days with Mark Comerford on all things restriction – with Jocke Heuer and Thomas Karlinger

Mark (centre) with Jocke (left) and Thomas (right)

With a central theme of Movement Health and all factors influencing it, Mark focused on restrictions in the Flexibility for Movement Efficiency and Movement Health.

‘Restrictions cause compensation, because the body is designed to maintain function.’

Course Textbook

Discussions included:

- What are the different kinds of restrictions? And testing of flexibility restrictions within muscles, fascias and joints…

- What are the best ways to deal with restrictions including, overactive synergies, ‘shorter muscles’, atrophy, connective tissues in fascia or joint capsules.

- A differing approach of using myofascial trigger point techniques – not just for pain patterns

- Techniques for tricky MTP’s e.g. the scalenes

- The physiology of autogenic inhibition, reciprocal inhibition and sustained passive stretch

- The influence of neurodynamics to flexibility restrictions

- An assessment and treatment technique for cervical pain that mimics as shoulder pain

- Easy to use techniques to improve spinal mobility instantly, which everyone of us can use FROM day 1 back in the clinic

- For the full course programme and objective then please click here

One key element of the course was putting the restriction content into the Kinetic Control Clinical Reasoning Framework - connecting restrictions with uncontrolled movement and changes in recruitment synergies – a lot of lateral thinking!

What the attendees had to say:

- "Just finished second day and loving it so far! It really ties everything together - the restrictions, the uncontrolled movement, compensations, muscle synergists…Turning and twisting every angle, back & forth together with a great clinical reasoning framework and really useful manual techniques.. I can start to apply it all in my clinic on Monday!"

- "Great course!"

Last Course Attendees

Did you know that we are holding this course in Sweden 16th May - 19th May 2019 and also in Chicago 3rd October - 6th October 2019


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