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20th April 2016

Movement Quality Masterclass: Connecting Movement Health to Quality of Life

15-16 October 2016, London, UK

With Mark Comerford and Lincoln Blandford

This 2-day workshop is perfect for all those who deliver and manage movement as part of their client and patient experience.

The key focus of the 2 days is to link movement impairment to quality of life, targeting both assessment and retraining. The practical application of movement management will target individual presentations.

The optimisation of Movement Health is now recognised as being fundamental in attaining and maintaining quality of life.

Functional movement patterns will be explored with regard to symptoms, activities and musculoskeletal presentations. Explore the difference between observation of functional movement and movement control testing. Targeted and structured retraining will focus on the specific impairments identified in the assessment. A ‘Movement Management Model’ will be presented that allows practitioners to efficiently organise the relationships between synergists, restrictions and compensatory movements in a clinical setting.

Practitioners will gain skills in relating movement patterns seen in function to movement impairments and help their clients and patients. These two-days will help you to help your clients move better, feel better and do more.

Programme will include:

· Why ‘Movement Health’ supports quality of life

· Observing functional movements of the upper and lower quadrant to identify movement patterns and support reasoning process with movement control tests

· Rationale for and application of movement management model

· Aligning assessment findings and retraining strategies to current literature

By the end of the 2-days participants will be able to:

· Identify the importance of Movement Health to a sustained and desirable quality of life

· Demonstrate an ability to observe and interpret the range of differing muscle synergies employed during functional movement

· Discuss the differences between observing function and testing control of movement

· Explain the rationale behind and efficiently apply the movement management model

· Apply evidence based retraining strategies to resolve identified issues

This course is designed for Physiotherapists, Pilates Teachers, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Manual Therapists, Sport Therapists and Rehabers.

Come on this 2 day clinic-ready, skill-based course and be able to apply evidence-based retraining strategies to manage muscle synergies.

Interpreting muscle synergies in movement

Exploring the differences between observing function and testing control of movement

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