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2nd September 2015

The Maltese Ministry for Energy and Health have secured the booking of the course “ Identifying and retraining Uncontrolled Movement in People with Lower Limb Amputations, from 17th-19th November 2015.

This will be held at St Luke's Hospital and tutored by Louise Tidsale

Louise delivers the module: Identifying and Retraining Uncontrolled Movement in People with Amputations to therapists involved in the management of this group of patients.

Louise works in the NHS in the UK for the Royal Wolverhampton Trust Amputee Rehabilitation Service as a Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in Amputee Rehabilitation, and is responsible for the delivery of Physiotherapy to patients who have or who will undergo lower limb amputation for a variety of aetiologies. Qualified as a Physiotherapist in 1992, the majority of her career has also been spent working in musculoskeletal outpatient Physiotherapy as a clinician; and as a manager with a clinical caseload. She recently qualified as an Independent Prescriber having undertaken training at Keele University

In 2004 she contacted Sarah with regard devising a Movement Dysfunction course for Physiotherapists working in amputee rehabilitation. Her clinical experience highlighted the need for movement assessment and retraining in the management of patients with amputees. This course was run in 2005/2006 and has since been further developed by Kinetic Control and Louise, to provide training for individuals providing rehabilitation to injured service personnel.

To date she has been able to share her knowledge of the management of uncontrolled movement in amputees with her peers at the national and regional BACPAR education events (

Louise also continues to be one of the network facilitators for the WCPT AR network has presented on Physiotherapist Prescribing in Amputee Rehabilitation.


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